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The motto is:

Teaching the Bible, Basic Theology, and Church History

Let’s take it step by step.


My true love is the Bible. I am an avid student of it. I took graduate classical Greek at UC Irvine and UCLA. I like to translate the New Testament and write commentaries as I go.  As I post articles in the near future, this area will grow the most at this website. 

Basic Theology

Basic theology is important because there is a great need to teach it people, particularly the upcoming generations, in these newer (or resurging) revival movements. Here is a verse of warning against straying. Ephesians 4:14 says in the context of the church being built up by the five ministry offices (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) that we must not be carried away by deceitful fads that come and go like the wind.

I wrote my systematic theology articles to learn the basics, and now I post them online here. Therefore, I consider myself merely a student of theology, not a professional theologian. And let’s hope my studies enable me to teach it, when necessary and without complications, to people in the Body of Christ.

Church History

I’m not a professional historian. I don’t teach church history in a lecture hall, but by my writing. I share my findings at this website. Church history is more than just famous preachers or theologians. It encompasses anyone who calls on the name of the Lord.

In the context of church history, there are numerous royal biographies, beginning with Charlemagne, who was anointed by the Pope on 25 Dec. 800. The Tudors are interesting to me because they (all but Mary and Henry VII) launched the Reformation. 

I mainly do research about the pioneers who came to America in the colonial period and early Republic and America after the Civil War and before the twentieth century. I include the Quakers in the Colonial Period because some of them were my ancestors, though I am not a Quaker. Some of them had more orthodox theology, while others did not.  

Many of the wonderful historical people in this post claimed Christianity, so I consider this area to be church history, but on the people’s level, not church hierarchy. Did they live up to its teachings? What was daily life like for them? What happened when they made mistakes during times of harsh punishments?

The courage and inner fortitude of these “little people” inspire me. Beyond the Quakers, a few of the names at this website are part of my family lines. But the posts are purposed to be more general. I hope their lives, revealed in documents, also inspire you to be courageous and strong to serve God. 

Other Areas

I offer my notes in basic philosophy which I taught at community colleges and a university for about one decade, give or take. But I am not an expert in it, and I’m not even clear how I got roped into it. But I worked hard and learned a lot, though I’m glad I left it behind!

I loved teaching Humanities I and II. Look for it in the category Western Civilization. We need to preserve it from erosion and destruction by malevolent and misguided ideologies worming their way into it. I offer just some of my outlined notes here, which I typed into my computer after many countless hours of study.

Further, I taught world religions for about seven years (give or take) at various community colleges, and I learned, after much research and hard work, that these religions are deficient. They may have some valid points (e.g. don’t steal, live in peace, or tame your desires), but they do not truly and deeply understand who God is, who his Son is, and nor do they enjoy life in the Spirit. Therefore, the practitioners of these world religions struggle to keep all the rules and rituals and disciplines. They need the incarnated and resurrected Lord Jesus and the power of the Spirit.

I studied the Quran (Koran) and the traditions shortly after 9/11 and finally found the courage to write about Islam from 2004 to 2007. I updated my articles on sharia in 2012. They are hard-hitting because this is online writing. People had to be warned. However, when I meet someone of another religion, I try to build a bridge, one on one. Face to face, it’s better to be kind. In any case, I no longer write about it. But I offer these posts here for your information. I tried to keep them timeless, so they are still relevant.

All right. That’s it for the “About” section at this website.

I hope the entire website edifies and educates you, as much as it does me.


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